Divorce & Family Disputes

Divorce is an emotionally traumatic life event.  It can feel like your whole world is crumbling around you.  But it doesn’t have to lead to the complete destruction of your life and your relationship with your former spouse and your family.  We offer non-adversarial approaches to resolving the end of your marriage.

Mediation – Divorce & Family Disputes

In most cases, divorce mediation is the least expensive and least time-consuming method of getting divorced. It usually results in keeping you out of the courtroom, keeping your personal matters confidential and is a cost-effective solution to developing decisions and agreements. Situations may also arise after separation or divorce, resulting in needing the assistance of mediation to rework former agreements to fit the needs of new situations. For complete information book a Free Consultation today.

Collaborative Divorce –

What is Collaborative Divorce?

A non-adversarial approach to your divorce

Divorce and/or legal separation are never easy. While there is no way to end a marriage free from emotional struggle, there is a way for you and your former spouse resolve your divorce with dignity and respect, without going to court. With the guidance of your attorneys, a trained family counselor, and, when necessary, a financial planning professional, both parties can resolve their matter fairly and on terms that meet their own unique situation in a civil and respectful manner in a non-adversarial setting outside of the courtroom.

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Uncontested Divorces –

If you and your spouse have resolved all of your issues but don’t know how to complete the paperwork, we can prepare the paperwork and help you through the process quickly and cost-effectively.

We also offer a pro se service to those who can’t afford an attorney or who already have their issues resolved or have their pro se forms and just need assistance with organization of the paperwork, notarization, and service of process. Please call Christa at 315-252-8010 Ext. 702 for further information.